Space GABA Tea collection

* Premium class Taiwan GABA tea * exclusive handmade design * limited edition

GABA tea is a frequent choice not only among tea lovers, but also among those who interested in natural organic sources of health and beauty. There is noticeable high gamma-aminobutyric acid content in gaba tea. According to technological standards, the minimum concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is 150 mg per 100 g of tea. GABA tea has a significant restorative and healing action. There are nootropic, sedative, vasodilating, spasmolytic, antihypertensive, antioxidant, antidiabetic, anticholesterol effects. In stress conditions GABA tea drinking contributes efficient cerebration both with peace of mind maintaining and the nervous system preservation. GABA tea is an example of contemporary development of ancient tea culture. A high technology is used for GABA tea manufacturing. This is a product of the newest scientific and medical researches.


Space GABA tea is a set of different pressed GABA tea cakes with authentic planets design. Different planets are different Taiwan tea areas. Every planet is exclusive gaba tea mix, so their prices are also different. The set is suitable for collection and keeping storage. Total set is nine planets, now we just have started producing first five. Check our news and updates!

tea planets


Retail USD 67.99


Retail USD 67.99


Retail USD 71.99


Retail USD 58.99


Retail USD 47.99


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GABAPluto (134340)

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USD 299.99
5 planets set
free shipping
9 planets full set
free shipping + bonus

looking for international dealers

We are looking for Space GABA Tea Collection dealers in any country. If your company is interested in wholesale distribution - please contact us. Usually we don't have a stock, but producing by pre-orders. Minimal quantity of every planet is 120 pcs.

First five planets are now ready!

Great news - Our Space GABA Tea Collection has started! You can have a discount and free worldwide shipping if buy 5 planets set. This is an unique gift not only for tea lovers but for all people also. You can drink, you can keep storaging, your choice what to do with!

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